5 Effective Exercise and Diet plans

Exercise and diet plan works side by side. It is myth that if you are dieting or you are doing exercise then you must be wanted to reduce weight. In fact the reality is if you are normal weighted then you should do regular excessive.

Also you should eat healthy food to stay normal and active. You should also eat healthy non oily and low sugar food to maintain health and weight. You can do number of exercises and follow workout plans to reduce weight.

Some exercises are target based in which you do exercise to remove fats from specific area of body. Exercise to reduce belly weight will defiantly different to exercise to remove fats from hips.

Well before here are some excessive tips you should follow to have effective exercise.

To reduce weight:

Below we will discuss five top exercises to reduce weight.

1 – Walking is best workout plan either you want to loose or you want to stay fit.

However you can always increase your walking intensity, especially up-hill walking or hiking since that has more of an impact in terms of exercise. This is full body exercise. if done with some exercise, will results in fast and long lasting weight lost. Moreover if your weight loss target is not so high then you should and must walk to reduce.

2 – Cardio is another challenging and yet guaranteed work out. To enhance your work out, listening to music is a great way to do better during your workout. In cardio you have to do rest and then work out when your body heats up then work slowly when your body cools down then increase pace. Doing an interval based exercise is a great way to burn calories, pace your speed with fast and slow.

3 – Push ups is another exercise best when you want to reduce. It is equally beneficial when you want to build muscles. This is considered essential when working on some tough physical training.

4 – Beside pushups, stretching exercise are good to give you flexibility. It is good to reduce fats from love handles.

5 – Crunches are one of the best ways to reduce weight around your belly, but this doesn’t work well without a proper diet – so ab crunches and diet go hand in hand. Fats accumulated around your lower belly is effectively burned through crunches. Squats are the best way to reduce fats from your thighs, legs and hips.

As told earlier both the diet plan and workout plan works side by side. So now is your turn to control your diet.

There are several diet plans available. Remember not everything is for everyone. We recommend you to consult a proper nutritionist.

Nutrition is not a one size fits all. People have varying genetics, certain diets work better for some than others, so finding out your body composition and what food works best for you can best be done through a nutritionist.