Why You Should Make Sure Your Kids Get Vaccinated

According to a statement issued by World Health Organization, A successful and cost-effective intervention for public health which can prevent approximately 2.5 million children from dying every year is vaccination from whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, and measles.

In this 21st century there is a lot of information available from different sources with the main source being the Internet. Therefore, it is important to investigate the credibility of every source of information especially those of sensitive issues like immunization.


Immunization saves the lives of children

Breakthrough in medical science has led to an increase in the number of vaccines meaning your child can now be prevented against more diseases. In the past years, some diseases killed thousands of children but have nowadays been eliminated, and others are almost going extinct. Example of these is Polio. The paralyzing disease was once the most-feared disease but thanks to vaccination because nowadays there are no cases of the disease.

Smallpox is another example of a disease that has been eradicated worldwide.Our children don’t have to suffer from the disease again because it no longer exists. Thanks to, firstly, vaccination for the great accomplishment. Secondly, to the earlier generation for accepting to use the vaccine and eradicate the diseases. It is glad to know that not only are we preventing ourselves from diseases but also future generations.

Vaccination is safe and effective

Every vaccine product is only given to children after a careful review by medical doctors, scientists and health care professionals. Like any other drug, there is little discomfort like tenderness and pain at the site of injection.

These side effects cannot be compared to illness, trauma, and suffering caused by these diseases. In the year 1989 and 1991, the level of measles vaccination was dropped, the result was the highest number of measles’ victims ever witnessed leading to hospitalization of 11,467 children, and 166 children died of the disease. After an intensive campaign for vaccination, cases of measles dropped. According to WHO increased rates of immunization to children who are not able to access routine vaccine in the world can help too;

· Prevent two hundred thousand (200,000) cases of death.

·Curb endemic polio cases which are being witnessed in Pakistan and Afghan

·Prevent death of at least 49,000 children who die of neonatal tetanus.

·Reduce death of around 1.3 million infants and children who die of pneumococcal and rota-virus diseases

These cases are a clear illustration of the impact of immunization on children health across the globe.

Vaccination saves your family money and time

Did you know that in some countries children with a vaccine-preventable disease can be denied school or children facilities attendance? The measure is taken to curb the spread of the disease. Some vaccine-preventable illness can lead to disabilities.

These children require specialized attention from parents and siblings consuming time that could be used to engage in economically productive activities.

Additionally, diseases from vaccine-preventable diseases increase the medical bills of the family which can be avoided. Parents should utilize children vaccination programs because they are federally funded programs that provide the services at no cost mostly to children from humble backgrounds.