Latest Fitness Trends heading into 2018

Fitness is a concept that has evolved over the generations. It no longer revolves around being healthy, but it also includes the broader aspects of an overall feeling of wellness. As per the WHO, health is not the mere absence of disease but it also includes the complete physical, mental and social well being of an individual. Taking this definition into mind, fitness is not merely a way of life, it’s a purpose of life, and not focussing on fitness puts a question mark on our entire existence.

What is a trend? A trend is basically a ‘general development or change in a situation or in the way the people are behaving’. Innumerable surveys are now being held annually to discuss and evaluate the changing trends in fitness. In 2014, High intensity training ranked No. 1. However, it fell to No. 3 in 2017 before attaining the numero uno spot again in 2018. Wearable technology, which was at No.1 in 2017 has now dropped to No. 3 for 2018. The results of this survey will be extremely beneficial to the health and fitness industry as they’ll be able to make important investments for their future growth and development. These important business decisions will be based on emerging trends that have been identified by health fitness professionals. Some of the most important and valuable upcoming trends for the upcoming year are:

1. High Intensity Training: Although fitness professionals have warned about the increased incidence of injury due to use of high intensity training, it continues to be preferred by many gyms all over the world.

2. Modern devices : This includes fitness trackers, blood pressure and pulse monitors, smart watches and smart glasses.

3. Body weight training: It is an economical way to exercise effectively. It uses minimum equipment and is much more than just pushups and pull-ups.5. Strength training: It remains popular in all sectors of fitness

4. Experienced trainers, instructors and professionals: Their role can never be underestimated in Fitness. An experienced trainer goes a long way in improving the fitness of his/her trainees.

5. Yoga: As a method of attaining fitness, Yoga has gained widespread popularity. Abundant written as well as audio visual instructions and manuals are available regarding the various Yoga exercises and their health benefits.

6. Exercise and weight loss: They are an equally important component of fitness. An overweight person is neither fit nor can he realise his true potential. Exercise is thus, extremely essential.

7. Diet: There can be no fitness if there is no regulation on dietary habits. Awareness has increased regarding the usefulness of diet. People know what is right for them and what is wrong. This attitude can go a long way in achieving individual fitness.

8. Core training: It involves strengthening and stabilizing the muscles of abdomen, thorax and back.

Thus, the changing trends of fitness must be adopted by an individual, and also by the society as a whole. They will surely go a long way in increasing the longevity of human Life. Also, they possess the ability to improve the quality of life which is essential for a healthy society.