The Benefits of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

High-intensity interval training also referred to (HIIT). It’s whereby you alternative low and high-intensity exercises. Also, it can be during high-intensity exercise and have a short period of rest. An example of HIIT is a short sprint up a flight of stairs then it’s followed by a walk down. Below are the benefits of intensity interval training and why you should utilize it more to help in health and fitness.

Good for a healthier heart

It’s believed that extreme exercise will always assist in building ultimate results. Most people are not used to push themselves into the anaerobic zone (this is whereby you lose your breath, and your heart starts to beat faster, and you feel like it’s trying to jump out of your chest). But with the interval training, within eight weeks it becomes easier for you to push yourself to that level. It’s good to utilize this exercise since it helps in keeping your heart healthy, and also the flow of your blood becomes effective throughout the whole body.

HIIT boosts your metabolism

You are more likely to consume more oxygen by the help of HIIT than a non-interval workout routine. After you complete your workout, during the 24 hours, HIIT can stimulate the production of your HGH (Human Growth Hormone) by up to 450%. Also, the excess amount of oxygen consumed will always help in the increase of your rate of metabolism let’s say from 90 -144 minutes after you are through with your session of training. Therefore, it’s good to maintain the pace because with the help of HIIT you will always be in a position to down the aging process and become young. Also, the increased metabolism will always assist in burning calories in the shortest time possible.

HIIT loses weight and not the muscle

High-Intensity interval training will help you lose weight, but your muscles will remain the same. In this case, both weight training and high-intensity interval training workouts enable anyone on a diet, to lose weight that comes from the fat meals and preserves their muscles. Therefore, if you want to maintain your weight keep doing the high-intensity interval training.

Use of energy effectively

The HIIT usually uses a work-hard the recovery system interval, which alternates afterward with a short period of resting after high-intensity workouts. Through this exercise, your body learns how to use the energy correctly that comes out from energy system of your body. If you utilize this training, every time you rest after workouts the HIIT will always help in removing the toxic wastes from that are in your muscles, and you can have a breath well.

Reduces your Blood pressure

People experiencing a high blood pressure can get great help with high-intensity interval training. For example, when you have eight weeks of HIIT with exercise like a stationary bike you will decrease your blood pressure. It’s also useful to maintain the training so that you can keep your blood pressure in the standard level.

High-intensity interval training you can reduce your blood sugar. Also, HIIT can be exercised anywhere, no equipment necessary that is needed and among many other benefits.